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Since the time my cousin had downloaded sago mini apps for her then 2 year old, I was attracted to the cuteness of its characters. I love the fact that Sago Mini’s playful products make kids wonder and help expand their imagination. With such thoughts in mind, I envisioned a few promotional ads for the brand by using my photographs, some copy, coffee and typography. My art directed pieces derive inspiration from and are based on  how sago’s apps feed little curious minds with new learning and how they never fail to amaze the young buds.


Reviews are very crucial for a business. Specially in an age of extreme communication where reviews can either make or break your brand value. In a discussion regarding the genuineness of online reviews, I came across viewpoints that stated that many of the online reviews are growth hacked or fake. I wasn’t too convinced because the ones I had consulted on trip advisor for all my travels were pretty much, facts. I used this ideation to envision ads for Trip Advisor, Canada which I think I could used as a campaign for them. Hopefully, this will help travellers like me keep the faith alive in genuine online information.


Eggs are my inspiration.
During my daily commute to work by bus/subway, my favourite pass time besides reading a book/listening to music/playing games on my phone is observing billboards and areas they put up ads on. I find them fascinating and sometimes try to predict the thought behind an ad campaign. Last year in 2016, Egg Farmers of Ontario’s ads were all over the subway – promoting the support for egg farmers and how healthy their produce are. Torontonians will relate to this for sure. The campaign was so huge that I came across these ads almost everyday of my travels for many days/months. I googled them and it was a very interesting read. I was in particular interested in the phrase ‘Get Cracking’ which I found to be catchy and cool. They also had a website for it which offered egg involved recipes, cooking techniques etc. I noticed that all of the ads which they ran across subways where focussed on insights into the high-quality care Ontario farmers give to deliver the eggs and selling the local grocery stores and their stories. But, none were done about communicating this fun visually engaging area that could potentially engage their audience and make them read more and buy more. Who wouldn’t love healthy egg recipes? I wanted to use this perspective to create communication that would raise audience’s curiosity and liking and increase EFO’s brand awareness as an engaging bunch of egg enthusiasts. This is how eggs became by inspiration.


While working with BrandEQ, a Toronto based Advertising agency, I  was handling various client accounts. One of them was CNETS Canada, which is Carcinoid-NeuroEndocrine Tumour Society of Canada. At that time, CNETS  was looking to create awareness about the cancer type and their cause. I was adamant of doing a couple of proposal ads for our pitch meeting. They had mentioned in one of the conversations that it is a rare type of illness which is not known to general masses and is restricted to the medical fraternity associated with it alone Through extensive online research about this cancer type, a lot of facts came to my knowledge. One of them was that Steve Jobs had suffered this deadly disease. So, I drew inspiration from this finding and made my first draft. Jobs – the Digital Guru is known by one and all. My idea was to use his popularity to draw people’s attention towards the cause. This way people will be able to relate easily. For this purpose, I illustrated one of his famous posters and crafted the copy around my thought “We can not afford losing more digital leaders”. Here is my first ad for CNETS.

Did I mention that such a unique disease was not even famous amongst the medical students from other fields? Yes, it’s true. I got this information when interviewing members of the society. So, my next task was to solve this problem. The inspiration for my second ad comes from CNETS’s logo, which is a zebra. Yes a zebra. That was exactly my question to them too. Why a zebra? There is a medical school saying “When hearing hoofbeats, think horses Not zebras”. NeuroEndocrine cancers are rare so considered a ‘zebra’. Hence the logo. I used this philosophy to draft my second ad with a medical school focus. I envisioned such an ad to be part of their seminar promos and stuck on billboards close to medical departments of colleges so that more and more doctors, medical practitioners and students become aware and associate with CNETS for this cause. Thus, my second proposal ad  for CNETS with my thought “We understand zebras just like horses” came into being. It communicated that this group is a set of well learned people who understands the rare illness and wants more interested individuals to join them so that its cure can be as easy as understanding horses (in their terminology). The zebra photograph is one of my captures while visiting the African Lion Safari at Hamilton, ON. :) Visual put to good use.


Creative Re-imagination of famous movie posters through self-clicked photographs.






*Penned this in May 2020 when countries began lockdown.
It’s Oct now and things have eased but — Folks! we gotta still “stay safe”. :)

Stay safe

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