My honest attempts at poetry.


Chaos of the day slowly fades.
Like dimming stage lights after a final act.
Embrace this sweet spot in the evening twilight.
Rest, reset, catch a breath,
While you prep for another performance.
For life is a stage we know.
And the curtain will rise again.


Stay safe.
From fake news and judgemental views.
From racial knives and fake positive vibes.
From ruling influences and opposition agenda.
From religious tug-of-war and caste propaganda.

Stay safe.
By staying indoors and limiting outdoors.
By wearing masks and sanitizing before/after tasks.
By avoiding mindless touching and practicing social distancing.

Stay safe.
To save yourself and your families.
To save front-line folks from witnessing million tragedies.
To slow down the enemy’s pace,
And help save the human race.

Stay safe.
For the dreams you wish to fulfill and accomplish that future plan.
To witness the joy of human survival and emerge as a stronger clan.

Stay safe.
It is the need of the hour.

Stay safe.
I promise it‘s going to give you ‘more power’.