Full name

Ruchi Kaur


Digital Designer


Ontario, Canada


Hi this is Ruchi and I'm a GTA based Digital designer, with a focus on Visual Content Design and UX/UI. I also identify as a deep creative thinker, a design-nerd and a storyteller.

Based on the timeline when I first started working after design school, I've been practicing design for about ten years plus now. Throughout this time, I've explored various genres of Design in varied industries and currently focusing on the one I've liked the most - Digital.

I have an iterative design process and follow a user-centered design approach to help brands foster healthy relationships with theirs users - through visual design, words, and UI interactions. Creating a powerful balance between logic and emotion through empathy is my superpower. Empathy is also a strong virtue of both, my personality and my design process.

Design has the power to mobilize the world and I stand behind this belief to provide honest, strong and uncluttered solutions through my firm skills in research, ideation, conceptualization, writing, prototyping, testing. I'm inspired by the concepts of minimalism and like to create work in simple, clean and communicating formats.

The force of interest can unite two kinds of people where both have a common pursuit to achieve growth and learn. With my problem-solving skills and creative knowhow, I wish to connect with anyone who believes that user-centered design thinking can shape products & businesses and the world, in the right way.


Design Thinking, Conceptualization, Branding, Layout & Composition, Research, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Balsamiq, HTML, CSS, Copywriting, Experience Design, Visual Storytelling, Adobe Dreamweaver, InVision, Content Strategy, User Profiling, Visual Design, Digital Asset Management, Adobe Experience Manager, Visual Studio Code, Bitbucket, Content Strategy, Content Design, UX Writing



2017 Valedictorian, Digital Graphic Design , Seneca College