Web Design
Responsive Webpages

LEAGUE – Members Page Redesign

MALLPARK APP – Responsive Site Design

Mallpark Home Page – Mobile Device, Extra-Small & Small Screens.

Mallpark Home Page – Desktop, Large Screen.

CAREER CRUISING – Career Profile Page Design – Desktop Version

CONDO NOW - Property Page Redesign

LIMELIGHT PLATFORM - Page Content & Redesign

By using my best knowledge of the Limelight brand and carefully understanding the target audience of automakers, auto-insurance providers and auto show sponsors, I have designed a landing page where the concept is that of a concert/show and limelight insights helps you steal the show

GRAPEVINE - Homepage Redesign & UX

BEFORE (Original Page)

AFTER (Re-designed Page)

CHRC - Homepage Redesign & UX

BULLION SERVICES FIRM - Homepage Redesign & Visual Design