Digital Marketing

Conceptualized digital marketing campaigns for email, and social media.

Graphic Design & Conceptualization
Design for Marketing

Email campaigns


By using my knowledge of the League brand, I designed potential sell sheets that League could distribute via emails/events to tell employers of SMBs why League is a better option for their company benefits. My design standpoint was to attract employers by expressing how they could become heroes and leaders for their teams by utilizing the power of League’s products. I edited copy and re-framed it to convey the same. Since, League was trying to promote its digital app, so I used file and tablet layouts for overall look and feel of the content.

Social media campaigns

Kazembe law

A Toronto law firm was going to a cruise event for its peers, clients, staff and prospective business. I was involved in its social media marketing as part of a branding agency. Here are some of the social media engagement posts which I had created for the campaign by utilizing their old photos from past cruise events. I conducted a thorough research of the firm’s previous events and brainstormed to jot down situations/moments/behaviors which their potential guests would relate to. For example – late comers or last moment decision makers often register at the event area and I created a post for that. Such an audience-focused approach helped me frame my designs better.

Immigration law office of Ronen Kurzfeld

Curated facebook ad campaign for an immigration law firm from start to finish. The concept was to strike an emotional connect with it's potential customers, assuring them that they can fulfill their wishlists of being with family, getting their work permits done without stress etc. All of this, while promoting their services. A user study on why people immigrate to Canada was conducted for ideation. I created the copy, visual design and execution.

Edkent media

Facebook ad campaign for Edkent's social media promotion, targeting businesses who are looking for a one-stop shop for all their marketing needs and also expressing how partnering with Edkent will help them weight down their competitions.