UX/UI, wire framing, design thinking

MALLPARK app is the result of my efforts while working on the capstone project for UX Design Certificate at Springboard. I followed my iterative design process to achieve the right balance between emotion and logic through empathy and designed this app after thorough research, effective collaboration.

The idea -

Parking is often the first touch point of a person with the business. What if there was a way to check how much parking space is available inside gated parking lots of malls and maybe book them in advance?

The app focuses on -

  • Enhancing the shopper’s experience with the mall by making her/his visit enjoyable even before she/he parks the car.
  • Making vehicle parking in shopping malls less frustrating for shoppers.

  • How will my app solve the problem?

    It can provide real time update of the available parking in major shopping complexes in Toronto and GTA through this:

  • One can make decisions about which shopping complex to drive to based on parking availability.
  • Whether to consider an alternative of a cab or taking the public transit can be decided.
  • Help regulate traffic during peak hours.
  • Lets users reserve parking spots inside gated parking areas.
  • Reduce time of hovering over in a parking lot by early decision-making based on notifications.
  • Help make unused parking areas usable by suggesting drivers about the alternative.

  • Here is the making…