The brief for this project was to create two versions of the magazine covers for two different Canadian geographies – Toronto & Vancouver. Outdoor Covers and insert involved a great deal of photo retouching and manipulations in photoshop. The font styling was done keeping in mind the look of the brand. I also created Skyscraper and Leaderboard banner ads for its online promotion.


Back in 2015, the amazing folks at NISE had an upcoming meeting with a potential client and I was given the opportunity to build up a mini brochure of their fashion garments so that they could use it for presentation. Here are a few slices from the big picture.

p.s. I crafted them a tagline in the process. “GET SOMETHING NISE FOR YOURSELF” ;)


I worked four years at this amazingly creative design studio called "Urban Monsoon" - curating home decor ideas and products . This product catalog was a farewell year project which I enjoyed doing the most. Of course with mixed emotions.